Typography at Dürr

Typography plays a decisive role in Dürr’s new Corporate Design. The typography used by Dürr can be loud and striking as well as quiet and serious. It is both linear and consistent as well as free and playful. And yet Dürr’s character is identifiable in all printed and digital media.

The house font DIN Pro

The DIN fonts are used as standard fonts, particularly in the areas of technology and communication, and convey information in a highly concentrated and simple form. As Dürr’s house font, it can be used in the new Corporate Design in styles ranging from powerful and self-aware to light and dynamic. With its uniform line widths, it matches the line aesthetics of the Dürr logo. DIN Pro can be flexibly used for digital or print media. It can be used in any size, from very small to strikingly large.

Typographic elements

Font style Use
DIN Pro Regular Copy, captions
DIN Pro Medium Intermediate headlines in tables
DIN Pro Bold Headlines, subheadlines, intermediate headlines, text excerpts

Headline element – Headlines are the visual anchor for the person viewing the layout. They structure a page and give it a long-range effect. In Dürr communication media, headlines and subheadlines are essentially formatted in DIN Pro Bold and Basic Blue. The font sizes of the headline and subheadline are balanced in relation to each other. The guideline for the size of the subheadline in relation to the headline is 50 %. For special applications, the aspect ratio can also be varied by arrangement.

Copy formatting

  1. Intermediate headline: DIN Pro Bold, uppercase, text color Digital Light Blue
  2. Copy: DIN Pro Regular, text color Dark Gray
  3. Bulleted list: DIN Pro Regular, bullet character dash, text color Dark Gray

Benefit element formatting

  1. Subheadline: DIN Pro Bold, uppercase, text color Basic Blue
  2. Bulleted list: DIN Pro Regular, title case, text color Digital Light Blue, with paragraph line

Table formatting – For quick orientation, we use Digital Light Blue for the background of the headline. The table contents have a factual and informative structure. The same font size is used throughout, including for the header.

  1. Header: Background in Digital Light Blue, text color White, DIN Pro Bold, uppercase
  2. Column header: Background 70 % Dark Gray, text color White, DIN Pro Medium, title case
  3. Cells: Background alternately 50 % Light Gray and White, text color Dark Gray, DIN Pro Regular


DIN Pro is used in all communication media that represent the Dürr brand externally: printed and digital communication media, films and animations as well as trade fair banners and machinery labeling.

The Office font Arial

Dürr uses Arial as the Office font. It is available almost without restrictions, i.e., worldwide and on every computer. It is straightforward to use and has a look of reliability, making it the ideal complement to Dürr’s in-house communication. It is balanced, objective and produces an easy-to-read, standalone typeface.

Arial font styles – Arial includes Regular and Bold font styles. Similar to DIN Pro, Arial Bold is used for headlines, subheadlines, intermediate headlines and highlighted text. Arial Regular is used for copy.


Arial is used in all of Dürr’s office communications, from PowerPoint to printed documents such as letterhead or operating manuals. It is also used as the copy font on the www.durr.com website.

Asian fonts

For Asian languages, different font families are used in printed and digital communication media because there is no single font suitable for all of them. These have largely replaced the Latin DIN Pro.

Font for Korea – NanumGothic

Font for China – SimHei

Font for Japan – Meiryo


In principle, it is possible to combine an Asian font with DIN Pro. However, the DIN-formatted text passage should be a separate area, i.e., a separate text block or line. Special highlighting of numbers in Asian copy with DIN Pro is no longer required, except in the formatting of Dürr product names.

Integration of DIN Pro – DIN Pro is only used in separate text areas, for example, in headlines, product names or the Dürr address block.