The values of the Dürr brand

The times we live in are more dynamic and diverse than ever before. New technologies and professions, social trends and potentials are the unstoppable drivers. To keep pace with the times, to sense and move to the rhythm of beat, to be a part of the new – that is our claim.

Because the Dürr brand is always on the move, changing its perspectives, developing new forms. Our communication media are becoming more digital, the channels more complex and more open to dialog. All these characteristics are intended to make our Corporate Design even more visible. We want to continue the new in the tried and tested. And we want to achieve that together. With you. Courageously and confidently.

The Dürr brand portal

The online platform supports employees and service providers with guidelines and information on Dürr’s Corporate Design. The agile platform is growing and improving. It is not a static manual but is continuously being adapted to the needs of the Dürr brand. It makes it simpler for users to work with the Corporate Design because it can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.

You can request the templates for designing your own communication media by writing to You are also welcome to write this address for any questions and comments you may have.