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The Dürr brand claim

“Leading in Production Efficiency”: this is the aspiration we set ourselves and the promise we make to our customers. Which is why we strive for efficiency in every respect, with world-leading products and extensive expertise. Our task is to bring the claim to life in all forms of communication.

The Dürr claim – Expression of our claim and customer promise.

The design of the claim – The content and look of the claim is designed to be highly recognizable. It has a single format and no variants. It is always set on three lines in DIN Pro Bold typeface, in upper case. The line spacing (B) is always 125% of the line height (A).

Claim use

The claim is essentially used in all external communication media. Exceptions include a number of office communication media, and media with technical limitations, such as small formats.


The number of color variants corresponds to the number of variants of the Dürr logo. The claim may only be used in a single color, positively and negatively. If the claim is placed on a medium together with the logo, the logo color and claim color are always identical.

Claim in Basic Blue on White – This is the most frequently used form.

Claim as negative variant – The white negative form is used on single-color backgrounds and on dark images.

Claim in 70% Dark Gray – This variant is only used in exceptional circumstances.


When placing the Dürr claim on an image, the same prerequisites apply as for placing the logo. The claim should be clearly identifiable. Attention must be paid both to sufficient contrast and to a calm background.








Claim and logo

In most communication media, the claim is used together with the logo. It is placed opposite the logo, usually in the top-left corner of the format. In rare instances, the claim is placed directly next to the logo.

Logo header – The logo header is a frequently recurring layout element that contains the claim (A), Dürr URL (B) and Dürr logo (C). The logo and claim complement each other in opposing corners. The Dürr URL (B) is centered in the print space.

Height of the claim – The height of the claim in the format depends on the height of the Dürr logo. It is aligned with the interior of the logo frame.


Upended claim

In special cases, the claim is used without the logo. It is upended and almost completely fills the print space. This deliberately breaks out of the way we usually perceive things, is bold and different, and changes the perspective. The aspiration expressed by the claim is high and we take it very seriously. The upended variant underscores this with a visually powerful and bold conclusion on the last page.

Use of the upended claim – The closing claim is rotated 90° counterclockwise and tensioned in the format like a spring. The print space forms the outermost limits, here in the example of a brochure (A) and an invitation flyer (B).